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Worm Spirit

Worm Spirit

U have never taste this !!! Original worm spirit with 17 pieces of chunky worms on the bottom each bottle. Fabulous drink ? 38% of alcohol, the best thing for partying.

Absinth 35

Absinth 35

Our company, after a lot of struggle on many fronts, is launching a new product, Absinth 35, on the market. Why another absinth again? We tried to get out of barriers called the absinth ones in the past. We wanted to prepare both the design and the taste for the future. We used exactly the amount of the drug THUJON corresponding to that mentioned in the name of the product, i.e. 35 mg, which can be recognized at once: for the taste is bitter, very fine and contains a considerable relish of herbs. However, the lovers of aniseed may be a little disappointed, for this absinth contains only little of this spice. Its colour is natural, we put nothing there in this direction and thus, it is a "pure natural product".

Absinth Beetle

Absinth Beetle

Unique product containing 35mg/kg of neurotoxic drug thujone. The great mixture of herbal extracts creates an extraordinary product. Each bottle contains Eurycantha. Its magic shape expresses the product's mystique.

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